Sliding Systems

The Entrance door of a building is the first thing many people see and is often visible from the street. Therefore, it is important to choose an aluminium front door for a building considering the design of the building and the surrounding area.

Aluminium entry doors are widely considered superior to alternative material options. Aluminium entry doors can be designed to gain the more traditional look of wooden doors, but perform better in terms of safety, insulation, and durability. The aluminium entry door for any design depends on the building design, building location, surrounding area, or architecture. Our wide aluminum entrance doors come from the traditional to the contemporary range. Every entry door design has its own quality and comes in a variety of specialties to different needs.

Cold Systems

Thermal insulated sliding system provides economical and aesthetic solutions with its different frame options, and 2,3,4 railed design in large areas. It facilitates manufacturing with special corner connections. With the adjustable bearing and detail solution of the steel rail, a maximum of 150 kg leaf can be made. Leaf height is maximum 250 cm. Multi-point locking can be done. Special case profiles offer economical solutions and comfort without using additional profiles for fly screens.

Elegance Systems

Attractive and effective slim-frame-lines, excellent thermal insulation values
and high-quality components create an exceptionally uplifting atmosphere.
The architectural aesthetics are depicted on the narrow interlocking face width which permits greater
visibility and flow of light, while the ground level threshold offers high comfort and ease of access.
> Clean flat lines create a new level of aesthetics.
> Narrow interlocking section with face widths from 43 mm for max transparency.
> The use of a ground-level, flat threshold of only 25 mm provide the highest level of comfort.

Minimal Super

The Silider Infinity is a topnotch SKYLINE proposal for structures in absolute minimal design. All design elements strive to convey the message of sim-
plicity, allowing for light, form, material, space, and nature to provide the very best of living conditions. With Infinity, carefully applied minimalist
principles increase the degree of freedom enjoyed by developers and architects to make attractive and effective buildings so that people can live in
greater comfort, more style, and infinite views. 

All of our products packed as following steps:
- STEP 1: use of protective foam tape.
- STEP 2: Air bubble film packing.
- STEP 3: Put them into wooden crates.
- STEP 4: Reinforce windows & doors with plastic belts.
- STEP 5: Labeling the products.

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