Yakaza Metal Aluminium Shading System

Aluminium Shading Systems


Yakaza Metal Aluminium Shading Systems, are solar shading systems reduce the need for artificial light by directing daylight into the building. They reduce the need for air conditioning by controlling solar energy and heat input.

If you want to increase the sunlight of your building, you are in the right place!


* Yakaza Aluminium Shading Systems, are combines design and functionality.

* While giving a different look to the exterior of a building, it provides shade and comfort to the people inside.

* Aluminium panels provide an effective solar control solution and create a translucent cover around the facade.

* Louver panels used as open facades or in front of windows reduce glare around the building by providing shading from all solar angles.

* Our Shading Systems, are create a visual boundary to the building, allowing natural ventilation and looking out when necessary.

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