Entrance doors

The Entrance door of a building is the first thing many people see and is often visible from the street. Therefore, it is important to choose an aluminium front door for a building considering the design of the building and the surrounding area.

Aluminium entry doors are widely considered superior to alternative material options. Aluminium entry doors can be designed to gain the more traditional look of wooden doors, but perform better in terms of safety, insulation, and durability. The aluminium entry door for any design depends on the building design, building location, surrounding area, or architecture. Our wide aluminum entrance doors come from the traditional to the contemporary range. Every entry door design has its own quality and comes in a variety of specialties to different needs.


Long-lasting Solutions

A thermally insulated entrance door guarantees a comfortable room climate whatever the temperature outside. The heat is kept inside the house during the cold season and outside during the summer.


Visible individuality – even before you enter the home. Yakaza Metal Doors gives you the opportunity to combine the shape, color and fittings of the entrance door in accordance with your personal requirements. Yakaza Metal offers an almost unlimited selection of colors.


New Modern Design
Pivot doors has various advantages compare to hinged entrance doors. For starters, the door doesn’t have to open from the very end of one side. Pivot doors offers large entrance doors with the width of 2.5m and height of 5.5m with one sash. Pivot doors provides aesthetic look with high thermal performance.

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