curtaın wall and Facade

The facade is the face of a building and it becomes the visiting card of the architectural design. A comprehensive system package will impress with its variety and cater for more or less all architectural styles. Facade Systems from Yakaza Metal has a timeless beauty, is completely maintenance-free and will offer reliable protection for generations. Besides the outstanding material properties and its attractive appearance, this natural material has other sustainable qualities to offer: it is not combustible and can protect buildings from lightning and electrosmog.
Yakaza Metal facade systems offer a wide range of complete wall systems for industrial and commercial construction. we also offer architectural facade systems that combine high standards of architecture with excellent energy efficiency.



We offer a complete facade system that consists of perforated cladding products and a support structures, with an integrated back lighting system.

 The integrated system allows you to concentrate on architecture while we support you with:

Technical details

Expert to talk to

Solutions for all buildings, from large projects to smaller ones.

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Facade Configuration


Well-insulated profiles

Several types of mullion and transom profiles. Rectangular, I- and T-shaped profiles give a lot of freedom in interior design

Wide range of decorative caps for exterior design

Four window systems, both inward and outward opening

Doors Hinge type and sliding doors can be easily integrated

Fire protection Available in fire resistance class

Classified According to applicable standards




Please  download Yakaza RAL Color Brochure the colors catalog

All of our products packed as following steps:
– STEP 1: use of protective foam tape.
– STEP 2: Air bubble film packing.
– STEP 3: Put them into wooden crates.
– STEP 4: Reinforce windows & doors with plastic belts.
– STEP 5: Labeling the products.

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