Yakaza Metal Aluminium Pergola System

Aluminium Pergola Series


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Pergola Systems, are designed to be used in large areas such as private properties, hotels, restaurants and cafes.
* It does not rust, crack or malfunction regardless of weather conditions. It is completely safe, durable and waterproof.
* The system and the LED lights in the system are optionally controlled by a remote control and work with solar energy.
* The gutter system is designed to be underground.
* The fabrics used in our pergola system have a darkening function, do not burn and are not affected by the sun.In addition, the systems are designed to work perfectly when combined with connection bolts.
* Our Pergola Series, were developed taking into account customer requests, quality and ease of installation.

Mila Pergola


This is where the evocative name of our pergola comes from, which will be loved in every environment it is in and you will fall in love with it because of its simplicity that will capture your heart.


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Mila Pergola, is a motionless pergola system that allows you to create a different world in your home or workplace.

* It is covered with our water repellent, fireproof fabrics and can be used easily in all weather conditions.

* Space-specific architectural models are designed to offer stylish solutions suitable for every project.

* It offers solutions suitable for every request with different mounting and carrier styles.


Albatross Bio Pergola


The evocative name of our pergola comes from the legendary Albatross bird with the longest wingspan.


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Albatross Bio Pergola, is the ideal pergola for gardens and terraces that do not require a permanent cover.

* Its retractable fabric is operated by a patented motorization mechanism, which is standard and integrated into the guide beams.

* Water repellency in 3D patterned fabrics, non-flammability, sun-proofing and rust-proofing in metal alloys, electrostatic painting technique, high-strength fasteners and chrome fastening screws have material properties.


Stella Bio Pergola


The evocative name of our pergola comes from the fact that it is as beautiful as the light of a star, attracting attention at first glance.


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Stella Bio Pergola, combines fast assembly, reliability and durability with curved lines, making it the jewel of outdoor design.

* It is designed to withstand even the harshest winters thanks to its innovative gutters integrated into the columns and advanced water drainage mechanism.

* It allows the user to have a fully enclosed or open space with a variety of applications.


Sirius Bio-Climatic Pergola


The evocative name of our pergola comes from the star Sirius, the diva and the brightest star in the sky.


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Sirius Bio-Climatic Pergola System, stands out with its modern design and high level of visual and thermal comfort.

* The rotating wings provide excellent protection from the sun while at the same time providing useful ventilation.

* The wings are designed to direct excess water to the support columns.

* The product is designed to provide full protection in wide application areas and to allow for a more comfortable time.

* Sirius Bio-Climatic Pergola Systems, which have wide application options, include special solutions for large application areas such as restaurants, terraces and balconies with its stylish design.

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