Yakaza Metal Aluminium Glass Canopy and Carport Solar

Aluminium Glass Canopy and Carport Solar Systems


Yakaza Metal Aluminium Glass Canopy Systems allow sunlight to pass through while at the same time providing protection to buildings and people under the canopy. It has an architectural feature that beautifies the whole appearance of the building.

Yakaza Metal Aluminium Carport Solar Systems offer an economical solution that provides shading and solar energy production in car parks.

Combination of economical solution and outdoor vision!


* Commercial uses of Our Aluminium Glass Canopies include businesses, hospitals, nursing homes and airports. Patios and carports are common residential uses. 
* They provide shade and weather protection for you and your guests.
* With superior design, the shape and size of each canopy is completely custom made to fit the existing facade of your building.


* Our Aluminium Carport Solar Systems, are designed for commercial and residential parking lots. It’s capacity is customized to your needs.
* It is extremely versatile; reduces both carbon footprint and energy costs.
* The drainage system is well thought out, attractive and easy to maintain.


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