Yakaza Metal Aluminium Garden and Garage Gates

Aluminium Garden and Garage Gates


Yakaza Metal Aluminium, has a large number of number of electric or manual Aluminium Sliding and Hinged Gates  for your garage and garden entrance.

Customize the entrance to your property with the attractive designs of Our Garden and Garage Doors.

Select your garden gate!


* The only concession to an Aluminium Sliding Gate is that you must have a total opening of more than twice the size of the metal door to allow it to open fully.

* Whether you are looking for vertical panel design or horizontal panel design in Aluminium Hinged Doors, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for.

* Adding elegance to any property, our doors are designed to integrate seamlessly with your property's architecture.

* Yakaza's robust, weather resistant aluminium construction offers all the security and economic maintenance benefits of a durable garden gate.

* From traditional styles to the most modern trends, our numerous sliding door design models suit every taste.


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