Yakaza Metal Aluminium Fence System

Aluminium Fence Series


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Fence Systems, are designed to integrate seamlessly with the architecture of your property, our garden fence panels come in a variety of styles and finishes.

* Thanks to the various color combinations of aluminum profiles, from classic to modern designs, it will suit every property type and design.

* Our fence systems include various sliding or hinged entrance gates according to your wishes. We are produced according to your needs.

* It does not require maintenance and does not cause discoloration or corrosion.

* Built-in UV protection ensures its color won't fade in the sun.

* Our Fence Systems do not require painting.

* Aluminium Fence Series, were developed taking into account customer requests, quality and ease of installation.

Shelby Fence


Our product's evocative name comes from the farmhouse. We are excited for you to use our fence on your farmhouses that you would not want to come out of.


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Shelby Fence, is a type of fence made of aluminium produced materials that can be removed and installed without welding or any process.

* Fence materials are frequently used in gardens, schools, sports facilities and residential areas.

* Our fences with protective features help to delimit the area.

* It is also impact resistant, corrosion resistant, aesthetic and easy to maintain.

* For these reasons, the usage areas of our Shelby Fence Systems are quite wide.

Kendrick Fence


With our Kendrick fence, which means monarch, you will protect your own private space on your property and land.


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Kendrick Fence, is an aesthetic structure with a linear system that improves buildings and surrounding areas.

* It proves holistic approach to outdoor systems by providing integrity between fence and pergola.

* Our profiles, have side covers and hidden connection points.

* Kendrick Fence Systems, complete functional solutions (sliding, single leaf, double leaf, fence) in normal and large sizes are offered by the system.

Chester Fence


Our fence takes its evocative name from the city of Chester. Apart from being the subject of stories, this city was founded as the fortress of Rome. Would you like to create your own castle?


* Yakaza Metal Aluminium Chester Fence, has unlimited customization options; aluminium frames, perforated and detailed metal sheets, frames, LED lighting, glass, etc.

* Thanks to the ability to install these decorative elements, it is very useful for outdoor security.

* In addition to being useful and durable, it creates an aesthetic visual.

* Chester Fence Systems are used, the possibility of being seen from the outside is minimised.

* If fruits and vegetables are grown in the gardens, it is very effective in protecting these products.

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