Bi-fold Systems

A bifold door system optimizes your way of living by drawing the exterior into your home, with a minimum of space usage. This high-performance system offers different opening types, both inward and outward, to meet all possible requirements. Apart from the standard folding elements, They can feature a main door principle, in which the first leaf is used as an entrance door without affecting the other folding leaves.


Flexible and innovative solutions for architectural interior and exterior frames between the open and spacious living areas creating the pane with aluminum folding.


Full folding aluminum joinery systems delivers wide margins by providing solid, 4 seasons gives you the opportunity to live in the building.

Technical Details and The secret of the whole

  • 45 – 80 mm Case Thickness

  • 1.6 mm – 1.8 mm and 2 mm wall thickness with system profiles

  • QUALANOD and QUALICOAT certified profile production in all RAL colors and eloxal options

  • EPDM weather water and dust sealing wicks

  •  25% glass fibre reinforced polyamide thermal barrier use

  • In Rosenheim testing laboratory successfully completed wind, air, rain water tightness tests and insulation tests

  • Successfully completed performance tests

Media Gallery

All of our products packed as following steps:
- STEP 1: use of protective foam tape.
- STEP 2: Air bubble film packing.
- STEP 3: Put them into wooden crates.
- STEP 4: Reinforce windows & doors with plastic belts.
- STEP 5: Labeling the products.

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